confident, empowered & fun


why Boudoir?

1. You deserve to have this fun experience

2. You deserve to feel empowered & sexy 

3. You deserve to channel your inner beyonce 



You may be ready and thinking … “Now what” Heres the breakdown. Once you are interested you can fill out my inquiry form on my website aka you’re already here girl! You will then receive my packages and pricing where you will choose what seems to fit your needs best. If you are unsure about which package to choose keep in mind we can make any adjustments in your consult call. Once the package is chosen, you will receive a contract and an invoice which are the fundamentals of moving forward. After that you will schedule a consult call with me where we will discuss your outfits, your date, of course I will answer all of your questions and concerns as well. After the consult call its smooth sailing and I will be checking in as we get closer to your shoot date! 


feel like a baddie

Coming to your shoot prepared is key. Since our time together is so limited we need to spend it all strategically. With that being said you and I will have a pre-shoot consultation call where we go through EVERYTHING, together. Making sure you are as prepared as possible. You will also receive my boudoir tips and tricks book which will outline every possible piece of advice I could give you from shooting boudoir for the last 5+ years. Comes with a check list too! 

Check out the FAQ for more info on boudoir shoots.

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